About WiseBizAds

About WiseBizAds

WiseBizAds offers indoor digital billboards which are cost-effective and scalable. They are proven and successful methods of advertising that are designed to grab the attention of hundreds or even thousands of customers every day for your product or business.

We offer indoor billboards solutions at multiple locations in Johnson City and Kingsport, Tennessee. We will be expanding to Bristol,TN/VA and other surrounding cities.

Not Just for Big Players

We offer solutions for small business to effectively grab the attention of their audiences and generate buzz. We work with you at your own pace, you can start advertising the day you open and scale over time to fit your business needs.

WiseBizAds is scalable for small and upcoming businesses to offer cost-effective advertisement solutions.

The Facts

Advertisements are the key to the success or failure of any business! Companies spend a lot to grab the attention of their audiences to sell their product or services.

We at WiseBizAds are empathetic to this, as a small business, we know you look only for the most effective way to advertise.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Outstanding customer experience