Indoor Digital Billboards in Sullivan County and Washington County, TN

Welcome to WiseBizAds

Welcome to WiseBizAds

WiseBizAds is your neighborhood advertisement expert, with an intention to help small and upcoming businesses.

An image of an indoor digital billboard in Sullivan County and Washington County, TN

What are Indoor Billboards?

Advertising is all about location!

To be able to reach your audience at the right place when they have free time on hand waiting for a service is the key idea behind indoor advertising.

Indoor Billboards are digital billboards at shops, restaurants, and shopping malls where people come to spend time.

Our focus is to offer attractive and high-visibility advertising options for small businesses.

Why Indoor Billboards?

By purchasing an advertisement with WiseBizAds, you are advertising on one or more billboards depending on your needs or your advertising budget.

Indoor billboards are more powerful than outdoor billboards because the customer is not driving.

They may be waiting for food in a restaurant or waiting in a doctor's office or other waiting areas in neighboring businesses. They will have time to see your ad air possibly multiple times, making them more effective than outdoor.

Because of our strategic billboard locations your next customer could be just down the street.

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